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Pay As You Go Workers’ Comp

Checkright’s Pay As You Go-aka PAYGO- Workers’ Comp smooths cashflow while eliminating audit headaches at year end. Let us partner with the insurance carrier to take the guesswork out of your insurance policy. The best part is there is no additional cost to setting up a PAYGO policy through Checkright. 

  • No Annual Payroll Estimates. In a traditional Workers’ Comp policy, the company guesses next year’s total payroll and pays a premium based on that guess. If the estimate is low, the company owes more at year end. With PAYGO, there are no estimates-we tell the insurance company the exact amount of payroll for premium. 
  • Small, regular payments. With PAYGO Workers’ Comp, Checkright will send a report to the insurance agent every payroll. Then the carrier drafts your account for premium for just that pay period. If you pay your employees 26 times a year, you will have 26 Workers’ Comp payments, instead of a hefty down payment and a bill for the balance. 
  • Choice of Carriers with the Same Policies You Have Now. We will connect you with our partner insurance agency that specializes in PAYGO. They will quote you the same policies through carriers like Hartford, The Travelers, and Amtrust that you currently use. It’s the same policy-just reported and paid through payroll. 
  • Hassle Free Audits. At year end, when the carrier requests the annual Workers’ Comp audit, it typically comes out perfectly. Checkright has sent the carrier a wage report for every payroll all year already. 
  • Get a Quote, Then Decide. Let our specialist present the best quote they can get-they work with tens of thousands of small business specializing in PAYGO so they have some of the strongest relationships with the carriers in the industry. Once you know the quote, you can decide to move forward or shop your insurance somewhere else.