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The Checkright Service Commitment

Our promise to provide a superior customer experience is rooted in our four point service commitment: direct access to a Certified Specialist who knows you and your account, and is ready to provide help how and when you need it.

Direct Access to Support

We don’t have call centers or make you submit support “tickets.” Call or email us directly when you need help. The time to get your question answered is when the time is right for you.

Dedicated Specialists

We don’t think you should have to spend the first 15 minutes of your help call introducing yourself and your business. Our customers enjoy long term partnerships with their Specialist. When you need help, we know you and the issues unique to your business so we can serve as a valued team member for you.

Industry Leading Expertise

Every Checkright Specialist is certified by the American Payroll Association with either the CPP or FPC certification, signifying elite knowledge in our field. We know of no other Payroll /HR company, large or small, that has 100% certification.

Support the Way You Need It

We understand that sometimes our partners need training to work through their particular problem and sometimes they just want us to take care of it for them. We take as long as needed to resolve issues and use the Golden Rule as our guide.