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Payroll Solutions

Checkright’s payroll processing provides our clients a solution tailored to fit their needs, from the simplest payrolls to the most complex. We file and pay all federal taxes as well as state taxes in all 50 states. Direct deposit, pre-sealed paper checks, employee portal to check pay stubs, and robust reporting are features that all of our customers enjoy. 

  • A Solution Designed for You. As a multiple platform provider, Checkright has the resources to do what’s right for your business. Our small business platform is simple, intuitive, and allows the administrator who wears lots of hats to process payroll hassle free. Our mid-market, Kronos solution brings the industry’s most robust technology to the 25-1000 employee market. 
  • Support How and When You Need It. Checkright’s true differentiator is our service. We establish one to one relationships between our Specialists and our clients. Pick up the phone or send a direct email when you need help-no ticketing systems or call centers. Our Payroll Specialists become true resources for our clients. 
  • Integration with Timekeeping and HR System. Couple your payroll system with a Checkright timekeeping solution or our HR system and seamlessly manage all aspects of your employees’ work and HR functions. Save time, eliminate mistakes, and replace manual effort with our technology. 
  • Online Employee Portal. Employees can check their paystubs right on their phone or PC. Use the portal to deliver messages to employees and post the employee handbook in our secure cloud site. Paperless payroll is more efficient for payroll administrators and employees. Extend the portal to become the one stop destination for onboarding new employees and choosing benefits to make our portal the Hub of the employee HR experience. 
  • Garnishment, 401k, and Vendor Payments. Checkright will calculate and manage all active garnishments for your employees. We also send 401k files, HSA payments, and other vendor payments for our clients. Connecting with your third party vendors for things like Worker’s Comp payments frees up more time for your key people.