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Background Checks

Make sure you know who is working for you. The last thing you would ever want as a business owner is that your hiring decisions exposed a customer to a felon or predator. Our background check service is simple, affordable, and gets the right information in your hands to make hiring decisions. 

  • Affordable Peace of Mind. A basic criminal, terrorist, and sex offender check is around $20. You can choose to use the more advanced verifications on key employees and management. 
  • Immediate Results for Basic Searches. The results for national criminal, terrorist, and sex offender databases display within 30 seconds online giving you real time decision making information 
  • Driving Records, Education Verification, and Drug Testing. Expand from the basic criminal checks to obtain all the verifications your employees require. Perform credit and bankruptcy checks or even utilize the service to verify past employment from a resume. 
  • Confidential and Accredited. The searches you perform are all housed in a database that is accessible only by you. Checkright’s background check partner is a leader in the industry with many years of experience. 
  • No Contract and No Minimums. Use the background search tools only as you need them and only pay in months you use the service. Cancel any time without penalty.