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The following is a list of 15 of the most Frequently Asked Questions people have when shopping for a new payroll company. Please contact us with any questions you don’t see here.

Is it best to switch payroll services at the start of a new quarter?
No, we onboard customers all 12 months of the year. In December, we sometimes ask larger new customers to start in January.

Will my employees receive two W-2’s after we switch to your service this year?
No, we will load the whole calendar year of pay history so employees will only receive one W-2 from us at year end.

Will Checkright make all tax payments and file all tax returns?
Yes, we will file all Federal, State, and Local payroll taxes no matter where your employees live and work (in the U.S.)

What happens if Checkright makes a tax payment late or doesn’t file a return on time?
We guarantee the timeliness and accuracy of your tax work.

Is there a price difference between paper checks and direct deposit?
No, we provide payment services to your workforce in the manner that works best for you.

Can my employees check their paystubs online?
Yes, we offer Employee Self Service (ESS) at no extra charge to all our customers.

Does Checkright charge end of quarter filing fees or new employee setup fees?
No, both of those services are included with all of our payroll services.

What type of insurance does Checkright have?
We have robust policies that encompass ERISA bonding, cyber threat, and employee dishonesty.

If I forget to submit my payroll on time will you remind me?
Yes, we will send you email reminders. Then, as your deadline approaches, we will call you.

Are Checkright’s systems cloud based?
Yes, all our data resides off-premises, in ultra-secure data bunkers that are backed up daily to a second geographic location.

Is Checkright a franchise or affiliated with a larger brand?
No, we are an independent company with our operations and staff in Richmond, Virginia. We license software from some of the top payroll and HR software vendors, but have our own blank version of their software to build, deploy, and support.

How hard is it to change payroll companies?
We will try to make it as easy as possible for you and will often log into a new customer’s current system to retrieve and download data. Our software is intuitive, but it does require some training which we will provide.

How much training will I receive?
We do not limit our customers to a certain number of trainings or number of hours as they are learning our software. Our goal is for you to be an empowered, confident user of our system, however long that takes.

What if I don’t want to learn a new software and I want you to do the payroll for me?
We support our customers in all different levels of software utilization; from those that become expert in our systems to those that rarely log in.

What’s the best thing about Checkright?
Easy, our people.