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Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Checkright gives our partners the ability to truly integrate the hiring process into the HRIS system from the first step-your talent acquisition. In our Kronos HR Module, you have the ability to initiate and manage the hiring process in the same place you manage your other employee functions. Recruitment is handled in the single database as the first step in the lifecycle of your employees. 

  • Integrate with Premium Job Boards. Link our HRIS system with popular premium recruiting sites like Indeed, Monster, and Career Builder, while also enjoying free posting to over 8000 free job boards. Customize the solution to utilize your favorite job board in this comprehensive platform. 
  • Automate Workflows to Streamline the Hiring Process. As prospects apply for jobs, the system creates to-do items for the proper managers to review and interview the applicants. Notes and hiring decisions are captured in the potential employee record. 
  • Deliver a First Class Applicant Experience. Prospects will apply online, gain immediate exposure to your brand, and can upload their resume and other documents. They can easily search all open positions and apply for the best opportunity. 
  • Optimize Pre-Hire Engagement. The system can send applicants automated email responses and configurable email communications. Your hiring team has at-a-glance dashboards to provide visibility and analytics into the hiring process. 
  • Seamlessly Transition from Applicant to Employee. After the hiring decision is made, the individual can be moved to active employee status with the click of a button. The new employee is already interacting with the system and easily moves into the Onboarding process.