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Electronic, Paperless Employee Onboarding

Simplify a process that is a burden to many HR and payroll administrators-onboard your employees in the cloud. Eliminate handing out stacks of paperwork, collecting the finished product, and keying the answers into the payroll system. With Electronic Onboarding, your employees will be invited into the payroll system to fill out all their new hire paperwork. 

  • 24/7 Online Access. Your employees don’t need to take time at work to complete their documentation- they can complete their paperwork from home before they arrive for their first day of work. 
  • Complete Set of Statutory Documents. Your new hires will fill out their W-4, I-9, State Withholding Form, and Direct Deposit Authorization directly into the database. For the I-9, a supervisor can record the ID documents in the appropriate spot. 
  • All the Documents Unique to Your Business. Checkright will load the documents unique to your business for your new hires to review. Your employees can review and acknowledge the company handbook, sign a non-compete, or review safety and training documents. 
  • Capture All the Data from Your New Hire. Require your new hires to input their emergency contacts; capture polo shirt size; ask for expiration dates on their driver’s license or other certifications. These are just a few of the fully customizable ways to personalize the hiring process. 
  • Payroll & System Integration. Employee data is automatically added to the system following admin approval. Eliminate the need to hand key data into your payroll and HR system. 
  • Capture Benefit Choices for Eligible Employees. New hires to also choose their health insurance and other benefits as part of the Onboarding process.