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Timekeeping Solutions

One of the most popular services that Checkright provides our partners is our robust, yet easy to manage time keeping solution to track employee hours worked. Company administrators and supervisors can edit and approve timecards online, and then the hours transfer seamlessly into payroll. 

  • Eliminate Tedious Administrative Work. The time saved on administrative functions related to compiling, verifying, and keying employee hours into payroll often pays for the timekeeping solution. The real benefit, however, is freeing up time of your key people to work on your business. 
  • Choose a Timeclock, Employee Computer, or Phone to Capture Time. Employees can clock in in a variety of ways. From fixed location finger print clocks to clocking in via smartphone, you control how your employees clock in and out. For computer and phone clock in, we can require the employee to be on the company Wifi to use the system or drop a location pin showing where they clock in and out. 
  • Request, Approve, and Track Paid Time Off. Your employees can request Vacation, Sick, and PTO time right in the system. An alert is sent to the supervisor to approve the request. The approved hours automatically populate the payroll grid. 
  • Stay Compliant for Overtime and Benefit Eligibility. In the current era of DOL audits and employee complaints, the online historical record of all your employees’ time cards is a must have compliance tool. 
  • Supervisors View and Approve Only Their Employees. With supervisor assignment, each manager can login and edit and approve timecards of just their team, not the whole organization. 
  • Easy Reporting to View Historical Data and Manage OT. Utilize the reporting tools to perform labor analytics. Manage approaching overtime each week in the system. 
  • Eliminate Time Theft from your Workforce. Actual, verifiable timecards eliminate employees filling out a timecard that says 9 to 5, when they really clocked in at 9:05 and left at 4:50. Pay your people for just the time that they actually work.