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Benefits Administration

Checkright offers online benefits administration solutions that streamline and simplify the benefit enrollment process for your company. Your employees will enjoy access to an easy to navigate, self-enrollment portal that allows them to see their various benefit choices, and the associated costs, while eliminating the mountains of paper formerly associated with this process. Checkright helps you bring this large employer tool to your employees at your small to medium sized business. 

  •  24/7 Online Access. Your employees can review and make their benefit choices when it’s convenient for them and include a spouse in the process in the comfort of their home. 
  • Broker Partnerships. Checkright partners with your Broker to build out the plan choices for your employers. Your broker also has direct access to the system to assist employees and help with enrollments if necessary. 
  • Open Enrollment. You control your open enrollment dates each year, opening and closing the system at the appropriate times. Employees see the full scope of your benefit package as employer paid benefits are also displayed. 
  • New Hire Enrollment. New employees will access the system to choose their benefits. The enrollment and payroll deduction dates will be determined by the system so the administrators don’t have to keep track of start dates. 
  • Payroll Integration. Eligible employees are automatically added to the system. After they make their elections, their payroll deductions automatically transfer to their payroll setup. 
  • Direct Carrier Feeds and Enrollment. In our Kronos platform, we offer EDI feeds and smart forms to enroll your employees directly with the insurance carriers, eliminating manual enrollment.